UFC 201 Inside the Octagon

UFC 201 is on this Saturday night. Watch as Dan Hardy breaks down the main event. Inside the Octagon is a very good show, you should always check these out before betting on a fight.

UFC 201 Lawler vs Woodley

The odds for Lawler vs Woodley is -175 / +155. If you watch the video I think you will come away thinking Lawler has more ways to win this fight. The odds mean in percentage terms, Robbie Lawler wins the fight 64% of the time and Tyron Woodley wins 39% of the time. You can check this yourself using our betting calculator.

Personally I think these odds are off by a bit. If these guys fight 10 do you see Robbie losing 3.5 times? I think he loses this fight twice so the odds favor a bet on Robbie. I don’t see Woodley winning 4 times out of 10. I think his odds are too low and should be between +300 to +400. This is just my opinion of course, its up to you to make up your own mind.

Check the odds for the entire UFC 201 fight card here.

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