UFC 170 Video Predictions

We are on a great run with the picks in the last few folks and tonight I expect the run to continue. Here are my main card picks along with some free betting tips for you. Enjoy!

Zach Makovsky $1.61 vs Josh Sampo $2.59: Based on Makovsky’s debut performance I think he is a darkhorse in the division. Sure he needs a few more wins to challenge for the title, but unless he performed above his head vs Scotty, he will be in the conversation shortly. When I was breaking this fight down I found myself writing similar things about both men, but what it comes down to is that Makovsky has executed against better competition. Sampo lost position a few times against an average grappler in his debut and if that happens against Makovsky he will be in some serious trouble. I like the odds here, anything above $1.50 for Zach is a solid bet. I am not a fan of betting straight up with odds like this, but instead hammering a 2 fighter parlay. I will look for and pair him up with one of the better paying favs on the card like Thompson or Davis.

Josh Sampo/ Zach Makovsky Total Rounds Over 2.5 $1.45: Both guys have finishing capabilities, but I anticipate that this fight will play out as an entertaining series of exchanges on the mat, with the person on top focussing more on maintaining top position over attempting to finish. Play the Over.

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