UFC 164 Video Predictions

Over the last 2 shows, since I have made the change over to create the 3 different Parlay betting profiles, we have seen just short of $1800 in winnings ($1777.05). Which is a pretty good tally for only 2 events. Let’s keep it rolling this weekend at UFC 164.

UFC 164 Video Predictions

Tim Elliott $1.69 vs Louis Gaudinot $2.15
– Gaudinot surprised me in his Flyweight debut against Lineker, but there were signs of the outcome I expected. He was able to survived the barrages of strikes, but had he not been able to score those takedowns and eventually get the sub I think he would have gotten stopped late or lost the decision. Elliott is a dark horse, he took out a much bigger and hard hitting Papazian which was impressive and it was a war to say the least. I think with his height/reach he should be able to keep Gaudinot out of range and force him to push forward. This should give Elliott ample opportunities to score takedowns and control the fight from top position. Papazian isn’t a great ground fighter, but the way Elliot was able to pass his guard was quite impressive. I like Elliott as a contributor to your parlays. If he managed to climb up beyond the $1.80 mark then you could consider a single bet, but I think he is best served as a major contributor to your parlays. As I mentioned above, there are plenty of favourites and slight dogs that can create some decent paying parlays without having to risk much.

Magnus Cedenblad/ Jared Hamman Total Rounds Under 2.5 – Hamman has the ability to score the knockout and Cedenblad has been stopped in all 4 of his defeats. If Hamman is shot out like many people believe, then he could be on the wrong end of it, but you still win with the under. Play the Under.

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