UFC 162 Video Predictions

Below are my predictions for UFC 162 and here is a preview of some of the pick I give. Enjoy and good luck with your bets for UFC 162.

Tim Boetsch $1.95 vs Mark Munoz $1.80 – This is going to be an interesting fight. I was a big fan of Boetsch moving down to 185 and he has done well and probably could have won the Costa fight had he not had some tremendously bad luck. The layoff is a huge concern for Munoz, as is questions about his physical health. It is remarkable how much weight he has lost getting back into shape, search for the pics if you haven’t seen them, but with so much focus on that over the last year it could impact his in cage performance.

The guys that have given Boetsh the most trouble are guys that can wrestle- Hamill, Brilz, Okami, Davis, and Matyushenko. Almost all of that has taken place at 205, with the exception of Okami, and Munoz will be the first NCAA D-1 wrestler that Boetsch has faced at 185.

Did the drop in weight given Boetsch enough of a physical edge to deal with wrestlers? I guess we will see. For Munoz the last two fighters to beat him were guys that were able to either shut down his wrestling- Okami or completely outwrestle him – Weidman.

The difference is that Munoz has beaten a number of very good grappler/ wrestlers – Maia, Dollaway, Simpson, Jensen, Catone and Mike Pierce. I would be much more confident in this pick if Munoz was coming off normal break between fights, but he isn’t. I still think the in edge that I give Mark will be enough to overcome Boetsch. I expect to see Munoz using his wrestling to put Timmy on his back and drop those big hammerfist. He might not stop Boetsch, but I think he gets the better on the scorecards. I think a medium sized bet on Munoz makes sense, again don’t be afraid to mix him into your parlays, but nothing to extensive.

Mike Pierce/ David Mitchell Total Rounds Over 2.5 – Both guys have finishing capabilities, but have also combined for 18 career decisions. All 3 of Mitchell’s UFC bouts have gone the full 15 and 8 of Pierce’s 11 have done the same. Play the Over.

UFC 162 Video Predictions

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