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I’m sure some of you guys have already tried out daily fantasy MMA, but if you haven’t this guide will walk you through the basics that you need to know. While Fantasy MMA isn’t that new – you have probably seen the DraftKings banners in the Octagon and been the main Fantasy UFC sponsors they have contests running for every UFC event to suit all budgets.

Where to Play Fantasy MMA Games

Draft Kings Fantasy MMA

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Draft Kings Fantasy MMA

Rating: Bonus: 100% bonus up to $600

DraftKings is easily the best daily fantasy site for the UFC because they have the biggest prize pools and playing fields. KounterMove is a popular site as well, but now that DK has released UFC contests there is no reason to play elsewhere right now.

  • Top Rated Fantasy MMA site
  • Huge Selection of Contests
  • Selection of Freerolls
  • Buy-ins for every budget
  • Every UFC event covered
  • For USA & Canadian Players

Players will find daily fantasy UFC leagues to suit every buy-in level ranging from $0.25 to $1060. The most popular contests are:

  • $2 MMA $30K Guillotine
  • $27 MMA $50K Takedown 
  • $200 MMA $25K Ground & Pound.

When you join through our links you’ll receive a free $2 ticket into the $30K Guillotine contest.

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Draft Kings Fantasy MMA

How to Play Fantasy MMA

The rules on this page are from DraftKings. If you end up playing on another DFS UFC site as well then the first thing that you’ll want to do is check out the complete rules package. Find out how you select your team and how each fighter will be scored.

DraftKings runs what’s called a “Salary Cap League”. Everyone that buys-in to a contest will receive $50,000 to spend on their roster of fighters. A total of five fighters need to be selected, but pricing is tight and you’ll be forced to roster multiple underdogs typically.

Let’s now take a look at the scoring.

  • Significant Strikes +0.5
  • Advance +1
  • Takedown +2
  • Reversal/Sweep +2
  • Knockdown +3
  • 1st Round Win +100
  • 2nd Round Win +70
  • 3rd Round Win +50
  • 4th/5th Round Win +40
  • Decision Win +25

Your job is to build the best 5-fighter line-up that’ll score the most points based on these scoring categories. Points are scored based on the official scoring and there are some stipulations in place that you should read on the DraftKings MMA Rules page.

Strategy & Tips for Daily Fantasy MAA Contests

It’s going to take a few events before you’re comfortable with the scoring and pricing of fighters. You’re going to have to take on a couple underdogs. If you spend on a superstar you’re almost always going to have to take one of the cheapest fighters as well.

What type of fighters should you spend your money on?

Pick guys that finish fights.

Ideally you want finishers because you can get a +100 bonus for a 1st round win. Some fight cards might not present too many fights where there is a good chance for an early stoppage, but don’t fret, as you can still compile a big score without finishing a fight.

Pick dominant aggressive wrestlers.

Active strikers that can land takedowns as well have the potential to score just as many points as a fighter that lands a 1st round win. If you expect a fighter to beat up on his opponent for three rounds they could be just as valuable as a fighter that lands an early win.

Pick tough fighters – fighters that last the fight.

When you’re targeting some cheap value plays you should keep a few things in mind. First off, never take a fighter that you expect will lose to an early stoppage. You don’t mind if your cheap punt plays lose the fight, but they have to last close to the full fight.

The reason being is that you need them to score as many points as possible from landing strikes, takedowns, etc. If they get stopped in the 1st round they won’t score many points, but if they go the distance they may put up a respectable 50+ points at a cheap price.

Pick the 5 round fighters.

Also make sure you know whether any fights on the card are 5 rounds. Any fight with 5 rounds has a higher chance that both of the fighters will put up a respectable score regardless of the end result. Stacking two fighters from a 5-round fight can pay off.

Play multiple line-ups.

Another strategy that I like to use is entering multiple line-ups into the same guaranteed prize pool (GPP) league. For $10 you can enter five line-ups into the $2 GPP at DK where you’ll have a chance to win the grand prize of $5000.

When I play multiple line-ups I always use 2-3 fighters in every LU. That way I only have to mix around 2-3 fighters to build out the rest of the roster. If your main fighters hit you’ll do great and if one of them struggles you’ll just have to try again next event.

They are 5 good tips that will help you out with daily fantasy UFC, its a fun game that will add a little more excitement to the fights your watching.

Draft Kings Fantasy MMA

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